Going vegan could lead to weight loss

Does sticking to a vegan diet help with weight loss? A recent study undertaken by Harvard University suggests that people who go vegan have a better chance of losing more weight than their counterparts.

When comparing data from the vegan diet plan to the Atkins diet, people lost an average of 2.02 kg more than those who consumed meat and other animal products.

Going vegan is a lifestyle choice that means that you don’t consume or use any animal products. This includes not eating dairy, eggs, meat, butter and honey, or wearing leather, silk, wool and shells.

Cut Carbs And Reclaim Your Waist

It’s worth noting that many products contain animal by-products, so look out for certain dyes and preservatives, lanolin and bovine gelatine.

Aside from the weight loss benefits, more people are going vegan because it’s better for the planet, promotes sustainability, and consists mainly of unprocessed food, which has proven health benefits. To get started on the vegan diet, we’ve picked our favourite vegan recipes to help you along.

Cauliflower Curry With Keralan Lemon Rice

This vegetable curry is the perfect combination of cauliflower, chickpeas and pineapple and it is easy to make.

Butternut Squash Tagine

If you love the convenience of a one-dish meal, then prepare this butternut squash tagine soup for no-fuss hearty comfort food.



Puy lentil soup with fresh turmeric

For a dose of goodness, try our Puy lentil soup with fresh turmeric. It is packed with vitamin A, C and K and takes less than an hour to cook.



Spicy lentil and sweet potato stew

Perfect for chilly days is the spicy lentil and sweet potato stew. This hearty and comforting dish is nutritious, delicious and so easy to make

March-10-Dinner-tonight-Spicy-lentil-and-sweet-potato-stew (1)

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