6 Tips To Give Yourself An Instant Energy Lift

Is getting through all you need to do in the day almost flattening you? The key to finding instant energy is to keep your batteries topped up. Our favourite experts reveal their feel-good secrets, and not everything is about popping a pill.

Eat well and sleep well 

Plan to eat well and take care of yourself through the next few months and you’ll get the instant energy boost you’re after. Health expert Sarah Stacey has a plan: “I am a strong believer in eating well and sleeping well.

“Three nights a week I am in bed by 11pm and at the weekends, I allow myself a mid- afternoon, hour-long power nap, which gives me a real boost.

“Eating well is the secret to maintaining energy levels, and not allowing them to dip. Always eat protein for breakfast – some bacon and eggs or some smoked salmon.

“To keep my blood sugar levels even, I eat every three hours, ensuring I have a bit of protein at each meal. When I am really tired, for an extra boost of energy, I take a supplement called Bioxidin. It’s an incredibly potent antioxidant and takes effect almost instantly.”

How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep

Make time for intimacy

When your energy is at an all-time low, sex is often the last thing on your mind. But great sex is as good as an aerobic workout – tops for the heart, confidence and will give you that instant energy lift!

Leanne Ivory, an Australian natural medicine and bodywork expert, suggests that if sexual energy is flagging, we perk up our love lives with a luxe, pre-bed massage with oil that features natural aphrodisiacs. Using olive or jojoba oil as a base, you could add a few drops of damiana tincture (to increase libido), ylang-ylang (tops up energy), sandalwood (an aphrodisiac) and rose geranium (to de-stress).

Get away from it all

Shula Starkey, a health expert, has a Reiki move that’s simple, but trust us, it works! “When you’re overloaded, or exhausted, try a technique I like to call ‘Rampage of Appreciation’.

Take yourself away from the hustle to a quiet place, and take 10 minutes to be still and appreciate all that is positive around you. Those 10 minutes of calm clear away stress and make you feel ready for the rest of the day”.


Perk up with essential oils

When you’re just about flat on the floor, aromatherapy expert Geraldine Howard uses another instant essential oil fix. “If you’re really struggling for energy in the day, I find inhaling certain essential oils can be beneficial for an instant pick-me-up. Pink grapefruit and rosemary are great for reviving the senses, and eucalyptus for clearing the head. Pop them on a hankie and breathe as and when.”



Move more

Make-up guru Bobbi Brown keeps her energy up with simple moves. “Exercising in the morning gives me the jump-start I need to tackle even the most hectic days. If I start feeling run-down, just drinking a glass of water boosts my energy levels.”

Get a good night’s rest

“Sleep is the most important thing when it comes to regaining energy,” says skincare guru Amanda Lacey. “To get a really good night’s rest, I massage a couple of drops of lavender essential oil blend around my temples to encourage sleep, and re-energise the mind, body and soul.

To stay energised through the day, spend roughly 30 minutes sitting quietly and taking deep, slow breaths – it really helps your energy levels stay balanced.” If you’re pressed for time, Amanda suggests using an essential oil or healing balm directly on your temples as a quick fix. “Massage gently into your face and neck for a couple of minutes, then use a facecloth, wrung out in cold water, to remove.

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