Must-have Ingredients For Gluten-free Cooking

Think you have to give up bread, pasta, noodles or carbs while on a gluten free diet? Think again. Here is the ultimate ingredient list to making gluten-free cooking simple.



Gluten-free flours are now widely available in most super markets and most stock an all purpose gluten free flour. Alternatively try almond, coconut, rice or tapioca flour.

TOP TIP: Most gluten-free flours absorb more water, so add a little more egg, fruit juice or milk to your recipes when using them.

Rice, grains & pulses


White and brown rice, quinoa, polenta, lentils, chickpeas and millet are all starchy gluten-free alternatives.

  • Use polenta as a substitute for bread crumbs for meat, fish and veggies.
  • Use any of the above to turn a stew or curry into a hearty meal.

DID YOU KNOW that plain white rice is naturally wheat and gluten free?



There is no need to give up pasta when going gluten free. Try one of the many varieties of gluten-free pasta available in health food stores and some supermarkets.


Look out for soba or rice noodles. Add these to stirfries for a delicious gluten-free Asian inspired meal.



Make sure you read all the labels of your favourite sauces as most will probably contain some form of gluten or wheat. Here is a list of gluten-free sauces to add flavour to your food. Find out more about hidden secrets in food labels here.

  • Tzatziki
  • Tomato sauce
  • Pesto
  • Mustard
  • Curry paste
  • Vinegar (mix with olive oil for a healthy salad dressing)

Oats & Cereal


Check the labels and only buy products that are marked gluten free. Oats is naturally gluten free but be aware of cross contamination (made in a place that uses gluten).

Processed and deli meats

Gluten products may be used as thickeners in processed meats. Be sure to read the label.

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Here is a list of stockists of gluten, dairy and sugar free products.

Now that you have the know how, why not make this delicious gluten-free loaded pizza? 

gluten-free loaded pizza

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