Exclusive Interview With Lira

One of our nation’s treasures, songstress Lira talks to us about what makes her tick, and her exciting new projects.


After years of trying, I can honestly say I have a good balance. Scheduling helped me with that – it’s amazing how much you can fit into a day when you track it all! My routine is to work intensely for 40 minutes and do something less strenuous for 10. It helps me stay focused, happy and creative. If I feel it’s all getting a bit much, I’ll make time to get a massage or visit friends and family, which is always uplifting.

My wardrobe staple is a well-tailored jacket. I have so many of them, all hung up in my cupboard in order of colour. You’ll often see me in a pair of good jeans, a tightly fitted vest top with one of my jackets over, and a pair of pumps or heels, depending on whether I’m going to the shops or an album launch.

I stepped out of my comfort zone when I took my music overseas. My music isn’t as well-known there as it is here, so I had to go a lot smaller with my shows. I’d play modest sets in clubs rather than huge arenas. It was like stepping into a wilderness, which was nerve-racking, but exciting at the same time.

I’m looking forward to following a new direction with my music. I took my time with my new album, Born Free. I was very hands-on with shaping it, and the sound is quite different to anything I’ve done before – it’s very bold and modern. My music is evolving into something more epic, and I feel this is the most important album I’ve worked on.

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