Top 5 haircuts for your face shape

Make sure your next haircut is perfect for you with our selection of haircuts for your face shape.

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haircuts for your face shape

Before you start on your haircut quest, grab a mirror and find out the true shape of your face.

Make sure you consider the balance, symmetry and proportions of your face shape versus the style you want before visiting the salon! Follow these simple steps to learn how…Pull your hair away from your face and tie it back.

Take note if your hairline, forehead, cheekbones, temples, jaw and chin to see which of your features is most prominent. This will tell you the shape of your face: oval, round, oblong, square or triangle. Now you can match your features to the descriptions below and follow these simple tips to finding the style that will best suit your face.


oval face shape
You’ll know you have an oval face if your face is slightly narrower at the jaw than it is at the temples or cheekbones. The jaw and hairline will be the points at which the face curves inwards. Overall, an oval face is balanced and proportionate.

Work it: Straight, side or light fringes accentuate the beauty of a perfectly balanced face. You’re lucky in that most cuts and styles suit an oval face. If you’re after a flattering up-do, go for a stylish topknot at the crown of the head to add a nice amount of height

Stay away from: Short layer as they can make an oval face appear longer, and over the top beehives as they add too much height.


round face shape
If your face is round, it will be more circular with a curved, wide hairline and rounded chin. Its widest points will be at the cheekbones and ears. A round face will be almost as wide as it is long.

Grow it: To balance out the width of your face, create length and height with your hair. Longer wispy styles ad side partings will draw attention to your most flattering features. If you want to go short, a long bob that ends just above the shoulders will help to elongate your face. A fringe with soft layers or a relaxed side braid is a great way to emphasise your best features.

Stay away from: Super-short curly styles and cuts that fall between the ears and the chin as they will unbalance your face.


narrow rihanna
An oblong face is long and narrow. You’ll have a narrow chin and a high forehead and your cheek bones and forehead will be of a similar width.
Cut it: Shorter cuts are great for oblong faces as they create width and fullness at the cheeks. A great style is a soft braid around the hairline keeping it loose especially around the cheekbone level, to keep with the mantra: width, not height

Stay away from: Height or length creating styles, such as long, straight cuts or high buns. But, if you’re set on a long style, try curls or layers that will create shape around the jawline, rather than a cut that is all one length.


square face shape

If your face is square, you’ll have a defined jawline, a broad forehead and your hairline will be square.

Texture it: This face shape best suits an asymmetric style, such as an A-line bob with one side longer than the other, and texturised soft layers and curls. Creating uneven layers will soften an angular jaw and elongate the face.

Stay away from: Too-short layers, they’ll make your face shape seem flat or wide, and straight across fringes.

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This heart shaped face shape begins with a delicate pointy chin and widens towards the cheekbones, temples and hairline.

Style it: Your aim is to create width behind and below the ears to disguise a smaller chin. To do this, try a bob tucked behind the ears and for longer styles, create a soft textured bun at the nape of the neck. You’ll look best in hairstyles that draw emphasis towards the eyes and the cheekbones and away from the chin. If you’re getting a fringe, go for a longer length, a soft wispy look or a side fringe.

Stay away from: Short cuts, strong angles and styles that have too much height at the crown, as they will also unbalance the face.

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