Samas: Red Carpet Do’s And Don’ts

In search of that red carpet magic for the South African Music Awards (SAMAs)?

Picture: iStock.

Picture: iStock.

There’s no precise formula for making the best dressed list, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That award usually goes to the person who wore the most extravagant metallic fish tail dress with a matching headdress.

But there are a few some tried and tested tips and tricks you can use to stand-out from the crowd and look fabulous.

DO celebrate your curves

If you have a curvier shape, pick a silhouette that salutes your most important curve. Embrace your look with the right cuts and length for your figure.

Flatter where it matters and don’t try to squeeze into that strapless number that will leave you feeling uncomfortable and wanting to avoid photographs at all costs.

Don’t love your arms? Go for a longer length sleeve. Bigger bust? A V-neckline will look classy and elegant. Bigger bum and legs? Go for something flared from the waist and rock heels as high as you can handle. Subdues tones and solid colours on the bigger half will also make a huge difference!

DO play with print

Solids are chic and timeless, but prints make a statement. Don’t overdo it though, stick to a darker base colour with bold prints and a non-fussy cut. If you’ve got the figure for it, then look for super detailed patterns. Thinking of sporting a floral print? Make sure it’s flowery and feminine and not wallflower.

DO go bold with colour

If you decide to stick to one solid tone, choose wisely! Create harmony between your skin tone, make-up look and outfit. Warm jewel tones such as marigold, emerald and burgundy suit most skin tones and fair better in pictures than harsh acid tones.

DO wear an up-and-coming designer

Embrace South African talent and wear a designer that just entered the industry or even better, one that nobody’s heard of yet. While it’s important to choose a designer and outfit that suit your style and personality, why not support the underdog? You’ll leave people swooning over your unique look.

DO keep it simple

We know what you’re thinking, how could we possible keep it simple at such a glamorous event? Well, exactly that. Glamorous does not equal over the top. Go on, keep it minimal and leave the frivolous details at home. Wear simple jewellery, let your hair swing naturally and let your fans just see you.

DON’T sacrifice comfort

The fashion objective of the night is to look fabulous, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel uncomfortable while doing it. Yes you’re wearing a new designer dress, but don’t feel obligated to wear heels that will leave you cursing your feet all night long.

If you simply need to wear your new beauties, where them a few times before the night or soften the leather with some of the great online tips and tricks. The right outfit is important, but feeling comfortable in what your wearing makes all the difference.

DON’T feel compelled to wear a dress

So, a dress is not your cup of tea. Don’t panic! Think Angelina Jolie and look for a slightly undone, feminine suit. Put your own twist on a menswear inspired look with gorgeous heels and feminine tailoring and perhaps a racy red lip.

Jennifer at the Tonight Show in Rockefeller Center. ~ @JenniferLawrenceNx

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DON’T underestimate the power of a neutral palette

We still maintain our earlier statement about wearing solid colour, but some woman prefer to wear neutral shades like tan, camel, champagne, black or white. We say go for it, just be sure to accent these ‘quieter’ shades with intricate beading, embellishments, and texture.

DON’T assume more is more

Once you’re dressed in everything you’ve planned to wear, take one item off before you leave the house (Coco Chanel taught us that). A shimmering dress, a jewel-encrusted necklace and blinding sparkly shoes = no! Make one item the focus and keep the rest simple.

DON’T go big or go home

Be the show-stopping focus of the night, but for the right reason. If you want push the boundaries, go for a show-stopping make-up look instead. While the focus of the red carpet looks is geared towards fashion, a bold lip and trendy beauty look will steal the show.



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