Our top 5 style tips for curvy girls

Yes, curvy girls can wear crop tops (even if Oprah says no), skinny jeans and figure-hugging dresses, according to our style tips for curvy girls.

style tips for curvy girls

Crop it

Pair it with a high-waisted skirt or a pair of pants to keep all your bits tucked in. High-waisted items help give you a slim silhouette. For top-heavy girls, opt for plain crop tops and printed trousers.

Flare it

Flared pants will never go out of style, so dust off yours and prepare to make it a closet staple. Always make sure the top is shorter to balance your figure and outfit.  If pants aren’t your thing, fit and flare dresses look good on any body type.

Wrap it up

Invest in a wrap dress. It is a must-have and works wonders for bigger busts as it separates the breast to enhance their appearance.

Find the perfect wrap dress to suit your personal style:

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Choose the right material

If you are a fan of lighter fabrics it’s time to choose thicker fabrics. Materials like neoprene and spandex are your friend because they are very slimming.

Don’t hide your curves

While wearing oversized clothing can feel like you are camouflaging your body, these items can actually make you look bigger than you are. By embracing your curves, and wearing clothes that fit, you’ll find that these clothes are actually more flattering.

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For more style tips and trends click on our fashion section for a range of articles to help you dress for your shape and stay stylish.

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