Laundry Hacks To Save You Time

Use these clever laundry hacks from the experts at LG to keep clothes looking good – without the hassle.

Use lemon juice to get rid of sweat stains

Nothing ruins a crisp white shirt like the yellow, half-moon sweat (and deodorant) stains that settle under the armpits. Scrub the area with equal parts lemon juice and water before putting in the wash – and it’ll come out looking new.

Use towels to help clothes dry faster

If you’re putting clothes in a dryer and need them to dry quickly, throw a dry towel in with the load. The towel will help absorb some of the moisture – meaning clothes will dry in 15-20 minutes.

Use chalk and baby powder to banish grease stains

White chalk and baby powder are both great at removing grease stains. Just rub the area with either the chalk or powder, dust off the excess and wash as normal.

Take a look at our video on how to remove stains from clothes:

Wash bright or dark clothing inside out

If you want to keep the integrity of the colours of your clothes, wash them inside out. It will mean less friction on the item, which will keep the colours looking fresher for longer. Hint: this works really well for jeans! Also hang them out to dry this way to avoid them fading in the sun.

Don’t overdo the scrubbing

The truth is that washing clothes every single time you wear them can lead to them fraying, tearing and looking worn out. Be cognisant of whether or not something really needs to be washed. If it really does, make sure you use a quick wash cycle, especially for delicate fabrics. Some machines will also let you choose a wash cycle that protects clothes.

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