5 Tips To Stay Healthy On A Budget

Who says you need fancy gym memberships or personal chefs to stay healthy? Our favourite experts reveal their best tips for staying healthy on a budget…

Join a green gym

No, it’s not a gym with organic yoga mats and ethical equipment; it’s quite literally the outdoors! “Going outside, getting fresh air into your lungs, and getting into nature will benefit you in every way,” says health expert Sarah Stacey. The simplest way is by getting a dog or teaming up with a friend and going for a walk every day. Or join a walking or hiking club, which makes it a social activity too.

Be a healthy spice girl

Adding spices as you cook will up your health ante and knock out change-of-season colds. Cheap, and with plenty of anti-bacterial action, they’re great for digestion and more. Ayurveda expert Sebastian Pole reckons we should tap into some hot spice power. Here’s his pick;

Cinnamon – Sweet and delicious, it increases circulation and warms the whole body – great on chilly days. It also helps to regulate blood sugar. Add to porridge for real satisfaction.

Ginger – Helps to clear sinuses, preventing that bunged up feeling. Use in stir-fries, tea or your breakfast smoothie.

Turmeric – This golden spice with yellow pigments, including curcumin – a renowned antioxidant that helps repair and protect cells. It’s a great regulator of inflammation and helps knock out infections.

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Become your own stress therapist

Work through stressful situations with soothing meditations that’ll help you relax and recharge. You’ll find you have loads more energy and can take on much more when you relax. In fact, recent studies show that you can lower your blood pressure naturally by meditating twice a day for 20 minutes at a time. Practise until you can reach the magic 20.

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Become a budget organic

Should we ditch organic food to help balance the budget? Ian Marber, author of Super Eating, suggests we cut a 50:50 deal.

“The things we’re really trying to avoid are antibiotics and hormones. So it’s better to spend on organic chicken, meat, eggs, and milk and not worry as much about vegetables,” he says.

If you’re cooking your vegetables, it’ll kill off most pesticides. As long as you wash all fruit and vegetables well, you’ll be fine.

Push yourself fit

When it comes to exercising on a budget, sometimes the personal trainers or exercise classes will have to go.

“This means you’ll need to rely on yourself as the primary motivator and push hard for maximum results,” says beauty expert Kathy Phillips. Hard means your heart rate should really go up for at least 12- 15 minutes. So what does the uber-fit Kathy recommend to push ourselves to the limit?

  • 100 jumping jacks to really get the heart pumping
  • Sprint for around 1km around the block
  • A tough bike ride that includes uphill
  • Lots of stairs so you feel out of breath

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