5 Toning Moves In 5 Minutes

Don’t have time to hit the gym? Here’s 5 toning moves that tackle five trouble spots that you can blitz in five minutes (do every other day)


Tone your tum: Pendulum
Lie on your back with arms out to either side and legs extended straight up in the air. Lower your legs to the floor in a clockwise direction, and as you return to your starting position, switch direction. Try for 10 circles, rest and repeat.

Give your bottom a lift: Skater-Style Squats
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend knees and squat down to the floor, pushing hips back and sticking your bottom out at the same time. As you come up out of the squat, extend left leg out to the side at hip height before squatting back down again. Repeat, extending right leg out to the side. Do 30 squats, twice.

Minimise arm jiggle: Single Arm Sunshine
Hold a weight (can of soup or large bottle of water), in your right hand and extend your arm across your body to your left hip. Lift the weight straight up in the air above your left shoulder and then out to the right side in a circle and return arm back down to your right side. Do two sets of 12 on each arm.

Firm chest and abs: Chest Blast And Crunch
Lie on the floor, face up, holding a small weight in each hand. Raise hands slightly above shoulders with palms facing forwards and elbows pointing down. Press arms up as you curl upper body off the floor as high as you can. Lower and repeat. Do two sets of 10.


3-in-1 tone-up: Downward Dog Pose
Start on all fours on a mat or towel and push palms and heels into the floor. Slowly raise your hips into the air until your legs are straight (don’t lock your knees). Your body should be in an inverted “V” shape. Relax. Take a few deep breaths. Repeat the whole sequence twice more.

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