The 24-hour Fat-burning Smoothie Plan

The 24 hour fat burning smoothie diet plan is simple: One day a week, choose three different shakes – one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. That’s it!


– Decide which day you’re going to use as your shake day and get all the ingredients in you need.
– Don’t be tempted to miss out any of your shakes – starving yourself is counter-productive.
– On your shake day, just have your three shakes and two litres of water – no tea, coffee, alcohol or snacks.
– Don’t kid yourself… you can’t eat whatever you want all week and then use the one-day shake diet to put everything right. You need to eat healthily six days a week and use the one-day shake diet to boost your weight loss. You can use the one-day shake diet occasionally to make up for an indulgent weekend.
– Don’t be tempted to buy in smoothies – these are full of sugar, and you need all the nutrients and protein in the homemade shakes to help maintain your muscle tissue.

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To make all the shakes, just put the ingredients into a blender and blitz for 30 seconds until smooth

200g low-fat Greek yogurt
handful of ice cubes
½ cucumber
1 carrot, sliced
1 kiwi, peeled
2 handfuls of washed baby spinach

Low Calorie Green Smoothie Recipe

30g protein powder
½ avocado
2 large tomatoes
1 red pepper
deseeded handful of fresh basil handful of ice cubes

30g protein powder
1 banana
handful of sultanas
handful of almonds
handful of porridge oats
200ml skimmed milk

Apple and Cinnamon Smoothie Recipe

200g low-fat Greek yogurt
2 handfuls of blueberries
2 stoned plums
1 banana
handful of spinach handful of ice cubes

1 kiwi, peeled
200g low-fat
Greek yogurt
2 handfuls of strawberries, hulled
2 handfuls of raspberries
handful of porridge oats ice cubes

Immune Strengthening Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

½ cucumber
1 stick of celery
½ avocado
30g protein powder handful of fresh parsley
handful of ice cubes

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And for the rest of the week, eat daily:
– At least 5 servings of veg – leaves, tomatoes, beans, brassicas – avoid potatoes and starchy veg
– 3 servings of fruit
– 2 servings of wholegrains, ie, 1 thin slice wholemeal bread, 2 Ryvita, 4tbsp porridge oats, 2tbsp wholegrain pasta or brown rice, or 2 oatcakes
– 2 servings of 200ml semi-skimmed milk, a non-dairy alternative or low-fat yogurt, 150g hard cheese or 200g cottage cheese
– 2 servings of 150g chicken (skinless), 200g fish or shellfish, 1 egg, 200g beans or pulses, 50g unsalted nuts, or 150g lean red meat (no more than twice a week)

DISCLAIMER: Before starting any diet, you should speak to your doctor. You must not rely on the information on this website/newsletter as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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