How to Recover From a Bad Night’s Sleep

We all have a bad night’s sleep some time or the other, however the good thing is… we are all in this together.


Boasting about how little sleep you got last night is what’s known as collective fatigue syndrome and these days it’s the modern woman’s sign of having it all. Although more than a third of women are now the main breadwinners in their families, they still do two thirds of the housework. No wonder we’re so tired!

Not only are women doing more but research shows that because they’re such multi-taskers, women need 20 minutes more sleep than men in order to recover properly.

Rather combat your tiredness with these five tips, allowing your colleagues and friends to think you have had a full eight hours of sleep and have everything under control, than letting them know you are longing for of your bed.
Caffeine is your best friend

It may seem obvious, but caffeine really is your best friend. Two cups of coffee will give you as much alertness as you’re going to get. Anymore and you’ll get the jitters. But don’t make the mistake of grabbing for energy drinks! Caffeine-rich as they may be, they lack the anti-oxidants and other useful chemicals found in tea and coffee. Stick to the coffee beans, or tea bags, and you’ll feel re-energised and rejuvenated in no time.

Don’t go to bed early
That’s right; don’t go to bed early the day after a bad night’s sleep. It seems counter-productive, but re-establishing a normal sleeping cycle should be your key priority after a disruptive night. It should only take one good night of sleep to counterbalance a bad one. But if sleeplessness is an on-going problem, you may need to look for a more targeted solution. From nasal strips to hypnotherapy, there’s a range of treatments for a range of troubles. Of course, if you’re purposely avoiding sleep to get more done – stop now, it’s no good for you at all!

Alternate your workday tasks
Snoozing off at your desk is easy enough on the best of days, let alone after a bad night’s sleep. The secret is to keep your mind as alert as possible. Alternate between physical and mental activities at work – answer some e-mails, then go fetch a parcel at reception perhaps. It’s all about keeping busy, and not letting boredom get the best of you.

What is the best thing to eat?
The ideal, energy-boosting menu after a sleepless night might include:
A boiled egg or light fruit salad.
Grilled chicken breast with salad
Roasted fish with grilled vegetables

Simplify your day
Let’s face it, you’re not going to be at your best when you’re tired. So don’t try and overload your day with important tasks. It will just weigh you down, and you’ll probably have to repeat those tasks the next day anyway. Simplify your workload by prioritising exactly what needs doing and focusing on doing those tasks to the best of your ability.

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