Would You Drink Mushroom Coffee?

Will mushroom coffee become a new superfood trend?

The humble mushroom has been known to have health benefits for many years, but now innovators are using our favourite fungi in new, creative ways.

mushroom coffee trend

Our March cover star, Gwyneth Paltrow, caused a stir when she started promoting mushroom smoothies last year on her blog, Goop.

Apparently she tucks into one every morning. However her recipe comes with a hefty price tag – it includes Goop Moon Juice, a product sold on the blog for $60 (around R760).

All in, reports stated that the smoothie would cost around $200 to make, which is roughly a whopping R2 500. Take a look at the recipe here.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Beauty Routine For Glowing Skin

A press release from Denny Mushrooms informed us that you may see more mushroom drinks making an appearance. How would you fancy a mushroom cocktail containing mushroom infused whiskey, vodka and gin?

Apparently there are mixologists and brewers who are already creating these interesting recipes.

A Finnish company recently billed mushroom coffee to be the next superfood drink, due to the powerful health benefits that mushrooms offer.

American company Four Sigmatic already sells mushroom coffee. Their website states that it gives you “all the benefits of coffee, minus the jitters”.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a biotech company is also using mushrooms to remove the bitterness in cacao beans so that chocolate type products can be made with less sugar.

For now we’ll stick to more conventional uses for mushrooms, like this delicious mushroom tart:

Mushroom Tart Recipe

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