5 Budget Family Meals

With everyone tightening their belts, budget family meals are fast becoming the Holy Grail of bank account lifesavers.

We’ve rounded up 5 delicious dinners that won’t leave the family hungry. In fact, you may find that some of these recipes leave you with school lunches and work leftovers the next day!

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1. Helen and Kate Mirren’s Cabbage Pie

budget family meals pie

This delicious pie recipe come’s from Helen Mirren’s grandmother – and if it’s good enough for a celeb, who are we to question it?

2. Traditional Bean Bunny Chow Recipe

family meals on a budget bunny

A delicious and inexpensive take on a South Africa favourite. Perfect for the coming winter months.

3. Ham and Olive Tortilla Recipe

family meals on a budget tortilla

An easy and cost-effective tortilla recipe that can be made with ham, salami or cooked bacon.

4. Roast Chicken Soup

budget family meals soup

This is real comfort food, and you can use the roast chicken from leftover Sunday lunch.

5. Spinach and Paneer Curry

budget family meals curry

A simple vegetarian spinach and paneer curry recipe that’s ready in under an hour.


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