5 Surprising Ways To Clean With Lemons

Lemons are brilliant, as they’re high in natural acids, which neutralise odours and cut through grime. Here are five surprising ways you can clean with lemons around your house, furniture and shoes!

1.If the kitchen is left smelling after cooking fish, place a heat-resistant bowl with a lemon submerged in water on a medium heat in the oven for 20 minutes. The steam will soften any debris and once the oven has cooled, you can wipe it out, and both it, – and your kitchen will smell fresh again. You can also use this technique in a microwave.

Useful tips on how to clean with lemons around the home. Image: iStock

Useful tips on how to clean with lemons around the house. Image: iStock

2.To remove limescale and salt deposits from your bathroom, cut a lemon in half and use it to clean the underside of the tap spout and basin area. You won’t believe the shine.

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3.Give copper pans extra shine by sprinkling salt onto half a lemon and wiping it over the surface. The salt is an abrasive agent, while the lemon juice will cut through early deposits, so your pans will gleam again.

4.Make your own wooden furniture polish with one cup of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice. Use it on a cloth to keep your tables and chairs looking great.

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5.Give your black shoes that extra shine by using lemon juice neat on them, then buffing them to get the perfect sheen.

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