5 Sugar-laden Foods To Avoid

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which foods to avoid.

foods to avoid

Here, we give you the heads-up on 5 sugar-laden foods that you never knew had loads of sugar in them. We hope this will help you follow the World Health Organisation’s recommended 25gram daily allowance!


Yes, they are diet-food products and should be helping you to lose kilos, but be warned – some contain several teaspoons of added sugar to enhance the flavour. This is especially true of fruity yoghurt, which contains a huge serving of the recommended daily allowance.

Some low-fat and diet brands, as well as everyday yoghurt brands, are guilty of adding in the naughty extra ingredient.

ALTERNATIVE:  Plain Greek yoghurt, and add in your own fresh fruit. You’ll cut out all the processed sugars.

Dried fruits

A packet of raisins or dried, mixed fruit may seem like the best choice for a snack, but a 50g packet can contain as much as 24g of sugar. And this isn’t all from the fruit – many brands add in extra sugar as a second ingredient.

Up your fresh fruit intake with these healthy smoothie recipes

Pasta sauce

Pasta mixed with a delicious pasta sauce from a jar is the easiest meal to make when you aren’t feeling that inspired in the kitchen, but did you know that 65g of tomato sauce contains, on average, 12g of sugar? That’s nearly three teaspoons you are putting in your body.

ALTERNATIVE: Try our homemade Tomato and Porcini Pasta recipe and freeze or refrigerate it for the week ahead so a quick meal is still achievable without the added sugar.


It might appear to be a great, healthy salad, but the shredded vegetable dish is actually laden with added sugar when purchased pre-made from the supermarket. Sadly, 50g of coleslaw can have as much as 4g of sugar hidden inside the mayonnaise, which means two big spoonfuls on your plate is equal to eating two teaspoons of sugar.

ALTERNATIVE: Make it at home from scratch with none of the added sugar:

Coconut Slaw

Baked Beans

Many brands’ canned baked-beans contain a huge amount of added sugar. One can, on average, has three teaspoons tucked away inside: that’s 12 grams of your daily allowance. The sugar is added to the sauce to enhance the flavour.

ALTERNATIVE: Try whipping up your own version of baked beans at home:

Homemade Boston-Style Baked Beans Recipe

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