5 Fitness Trends Of 2017 To Try Now

We found 5 classes that are bringing the latest fun fitness trends to SA:


Pilates With A Punch

Take Pilates-toning exercises, add some boxing moves and dancing to upbeat music, and you have the latest workout sensation – Piloxing.

This hour-long, high-energy class burns fat and sculpts your body – one hour of Piloxing can burn up to 3 700kJ – while improving your balance (physically and mentally).

See piloxing.com for a list of instructors. Or workout at home with a DVD; try Piloboxing – The Original V Pilates Workout + Bonus, from R775, wantitall.co.za


Amped-Up Ballet

Created by former dancer Tracey Mallett, Barre mixes ballet with yoga, Pilates and cardio for a high-energy, full-body-firming workout.

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While getting your heart rate up, it’ll help you stretch and strengthen your muscles – so you’ll look trim and toned like a dancer, not bulky.

Find classes around the country – including at The Body Workshop in Joburg and at Studio 2 Pilates in Cape Town.


The Mind-Body Workout

Nia, which stands for ‘non-impact aerobics’, is a fusion of dance and martial arts done to soft music, making it a cardio workout that also has stress-busting benefits.

The moves are slow and flowing, though they can be intense, and designed to tone your body while transforming your mind. Fans say classes leave them calm and clear-headed.

For a list of teachers nationwide, and more information on Nia, visit niasouthafrica.co.za


For Surfer Girl Wannabes

SUP – a mix of surfing and kayaking – is another craze to hit the sporting world, and it’s been taken further by adding in Yoga and Pilates disciplines for fun (and challenging!) fitness classes.

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Poses you might find easy on land will become more challenging to master on a board that wobbles with the movement of the water. You’ll have to work harder and really concentrate to keep your balance.

Not only does this do wonders for your core muscles but, focusing so hard, you’ll leave the class having cleared your mind and feeling completely relaxed.

Try Xpression on the Beach in Cape Town and Durban, and Yoga Works in Joburg.


Bounce Your Way To A Trim Bod

Jumping on a trampoline is not just loads of fun (it’ll take you back to your childhood!), but it’s been proven to be a fantastic aerobic workout, too.

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A NASA study found you burn the same amount of kilojoules during 10 minutes of trampolining as you would if you ran for 30 minutes. Better still, it’s easier on your joints, meaning you can work harder with a lesser risk of injury.

Find classes at Bounce indoor trampoline parks in Joburg and Pretoria, and at Rush in Joburg and Cape Town.

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By health and travel writer, Jade Crocket

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