Budget Fitness Ideas

If budget is your reason for avoiding exercise, then we have the perfect way for you to curb the procrastination and get fit on a budget – or for no money at all!

  1. Parkrun
    Why not rope your friends in and sign up for a park run? It’s fun, safe and absolutely free! Anyone can take part so you can even take the kids along! If you would like to take part in any of the parkrun events, then get in touch with Parkrun SA.The weekly events take place in pleasant grassland surroundings, so if a lack of funds has been the reason you’ve been parking on the couch until now, then it would be a great idea to sign up for a timed 5km run. For more information, see parkrun.co.za
  2. Hiking
    Get a group of outdoor enthusiasts’ together and go hiking, South Africa has great hiking spots! Just make sure to pack all your essentials like water, snacks, sun screen if the sun is out.A personal first aid kit is an absolute must! Southafrica.info is a great source for hiking destinations, as well hiking and mountain safety.

    Hiker Support Exercise Extreme Sports Concept

  3. Jogging
    Grab your running shoes and jog around the block! It doesn’t cost a thing. If structure is more your thing, and you prefer following a set route or setting your own, then see walkjogrun.net, and MapMyRun.com, to plan, track, analyse and share your journey with others. It’s absolutely free!
  4. Walking
    If being part of a group keeps you motivated then why not walk for a cause? The Pick n Pay Women’s Walk is a 5km walk held in aid of breast-cancer awareness. It takes place countrywide, kicking off in Bloemfontein from 21 May, adults pay R50 to enter, and R25 for children. For more information, see picknpay.co.za

  5. Download an app
    Pictures: iStock.

    Pictures: iStock.

    Download a fitness app from the app store on your phone. The fitness pro is just one of many, and it’s absolutely free. If you prefer working out in the comfort of your own home then this app is just for you!  It offers over 450 exercises with photos to help those who are visually inclined.

    It’s quite user friendly as it also helps you select muscle-specific exercises and the right cardio workout depending on your fitness level.  The app is downloadable from the app store for iPhone users, see itunes.apple.com

    If you don’t have an Apple device, take a look at our article on health apps

  6. Download a YouTube video
    If going to the gym is absolutely not an option then why not download a yoga, zumba, or Pilates video…depending on what you’re into of course! Technology has made it easier for us to work out from anywhere, saving us a lot of time and money. You’ll need to purchase data to download a video, and the amount is dependent on the length but it’s once off and you can also refer to the video at your convenience.

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