5 Easy Ways To Fit In More Exercise

Clinique_W&H_FB_eCard_Brenda_02Woman&Home reader, Brenda Phephetti, 30, is a sales executive who really struggles to fit exercise into her busy schedule.  As part of our #5MinutesMore campaign with Clinique, we asked you to share your top tips for finding time to exercise. Here are our top 5 favourites:

Break up your exercise sessions. Rather than trying to fit in an hour in the morning or evening, try to do two 30-minute sessions whenever you get the chance. Not only will this ensure you fit in exercise, you’ll also have more energy to complete each session.  Delia Reddy

Make exercise a part of your daily routine.  Set a good example in your home and make exercise a priority. If you have children, try to get them involved too. Walk them to school and back every day if you live close enough, or walk briskly to the shopping mall a few times a week rather than taking the car. Hamila Shaik

Just do it! Even if you’re a busy mom with children, there’s always some time in the day to fit in some exercise, such as in the evenings before bed. Good exercises for the evening include light weight training, abdominal exercises and some calming yoga.  Margaret Florence Coetzee

Every bit counts. You don’t always have to fit in a formal exercise session to reap the benefits of exercise. Include some activity in your daily chores. For example, do squats or lunges while holding the washing basket, run up and down the steps a few times before going indoors, park further away from the shopping mall entrance. All these short bouts of activity add up. Lolly Ludlow

Don’t be a couch potato. Use the ad breaks in your favourite TV series to perform some quick squats, lunges or crunches.  You could even make it a competition with the rest of the family to see how many sets you can do in five or 10 minutes. This is a great way to squeeze in some exercise and get the whole family involved. Jennifer Louise Stokes

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