The Spring Diet Plan

The spring diet plan won’t leave you feeling hungry.


– 2 eggs poached or scrambled, plus 200g chopped fruit
– 125g low-fat yoghurt with 28g nuts and 1 chopped apple or pear
– Smoothie made with 200ml skimmed or soya milk, 1 small banana and 2 handfuls of fresh berries with 15 flaked nuts
– 1 piece of rye or wholegrain toast with 1/4 avocado, mashed and sliced tomatoes
– 200g baked beans with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes

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– Dip (100g artichoke hearts blended with low-fat yoghurt) served with chopped veggies and 1 small wholewheat pita.
– Salad of beetroot, artichoke, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and onion with 100g canned tuna or chicken or prawns.
– 1/2 avocado topped with 150g prawns or chicken. Serve with chopped tomato and cucumber.150g hummus served with carrot and broccoli crudités.
– 1/2 can broccoli, cauliflower or bean-based soup with salad of lettuce, cucumber and 3 artichoke hearts.

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– 125 any fish fillet, grilled and served with roasted vegetables (peppers, aubergine, courgette) tossed with artichokes and 3 chopped olives.
– Salad of rocket, beetroot and cherry tomatoes topped with 2tbsp cooked lentils and 2 slices of back bacon, grilled.
– 100g gammon steak or lean pork chop served with 200g low-fat cauliflower cheese and green beans.
– 100g lean pan-fried steak or grilled chicken breast with salsa (1/4 avocado; tomato and red onion mixed with fresh coriander); salad.
– Stir-fry of 100g chicken, prawns, or beef, served with vegetables and 28 cashew nuts.

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