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Spring Sweet Sensations!

Try these spring dessert recipes, perfect for any occasion. Our wonderful Passion Fruit Cheesecake is the ideal dessert to top off a dinner party or for a weekend treat, and it’s just the right balance between light and satisfying. Or try the delightfully indulgent Banoffee Swiss Roll, which borrows flavours from an old favourite, but has a lighter texture.

There’s also a Seville Orange Cheesecake, which is full of seasonal flavour and tang, or our super zesty Classic Lemon Tart.

Spring is a time for clean, fresh flavours, and all our dessert recipes fit the bill. Flavours like lemon and passion fruit are popular this time of year, along with classic puds we all love – and we’ve come up with delightful recipes that feature them all in new and exciting ways.

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Passion fruit cheesecake is beautifully light and fresh – this one is made with cream cheese and crème fraiche

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