How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Every skin is unique and has a different set of needs, but one thing we all face from time to time is dry, irritated skin. The good news is, besides finding the right skincare regime to suit your needs, there’s plenty of other lifestyle changes you can make to keep your skin hydrated.

If you’re a lover of foundation but dry skin is getting in the way of good coverage, try these products:

6 Hydrating Foundations For Dry Skin

w&h's top tips to keep your skin hydrated

We all know that drinking enough water throughout the day is crucial, but here are some other clever ways to keep your skin hydrated throughout the year:

  1. Avoid consuming alcohol, coffee and smoking, all of which lead to skin dehydration, leaving you more prone to wrinkles.
  2. Avoid overexposure to the sun, extreme cold and windy conditions. Also, taking long, hot showers and baths can further dehydrate your skin.
  3. Over cleansing your skin can also contribute to dehydration. Be sure to use products which are recommended especially for your skin type and follow the instructions.
  4. Consider running a humidifier in your bedroom at night while you sleep to keep your skin hydrated, particularly in dry, winter months.

Best Winter Skincare Products

If there’s one skincare product you should invest in, it should be Skinderm Hydrating Repair Mask, R395.

This intensive mask puts back much-needed moisture to dehydrated skin, helps repair the skin barrier and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Repair your skin while you sleep with a little hydration boost:

Hydration Tips For Your Skin While You Sleep

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