Transformative Travel: The Latest Travel Trend

According to those in the know, ‘transformative travel’ is the travel trend to look out for in 2017.

For the past few years, travellers have increasingly started looking for meaningful experiences during their holidays.

Some travellers opted for a hands-on conservation experience, notching rhinos along wildlife vets, while others went even further by taking a sabbatical to help in an orphanage for a month on a volunteerism holiday.

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If the prediction is right, travel will now need to fundamentally ‘change’ travellers, so that when they come back home, they are ready to make a real difference in their lives.

The following three experiences are good options if you would like your next trip to leave a lasting impression:

1. Discover the ‘unspoiled’ Seychelles

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The Alphonse Group of Islands comprising St Francois, Bijoutier and Alphonse islands, are considered the most remote, pristine and unspoiled group of islands in the Seychelles.

You’ll experience the true meaning of conservation when you join a guided snorkeling expedition with a marine biologist, or when you embark upon a conservation walk to view turtle hatchlings.

Following a trip, people often share how they were inspired to donate to conservation efforts for a species and the environment.

2. Explore your spirituality at a beautiful Mosque in Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one the world’s largest mosques and a place of true reflection and spirituality no matter what religion you believe in.

The beauty of this mosque also extends to its message which is to “promote mutual respect and understanding between different religions” and “enhance levels of communication, love, tolerance, and openness among people”.

3. Witness the beauty of the underwater world in Mozambique

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Diving is the perfect answer for those who want to reconnect with the earth.

Diving in Mozambique is extraordinary. The country’s 2,500 kilometer coast line is dotted with pristine coral reefs and its year round warm waters make Mozambique the ideal location.

“Iridescent corals and nudibranchs, seahorses, pipefish and giant clams, sea turtles and much more wait to be discovered by you in Mozambique,” says Natalie Tenzer-Silva, director of Dana Tours.

4. Re-discover a simpler lifestyle in Mexico

In Mexico, travellers can visit the Zona Maya communities in the Mexican jungle.

They’ll learn how to work the old-style looms, listen to a community elder tell ancient myths, observe ancient dances, and enjoy other Mayan traditions.

Mayan culture has survived invaders and continues the tradition of a school of traditional Mayan medicine.

The forests are the source of the medicine and food – through the abundant leaves, fruits, roots and seeds. In this atmosphere, a sense of community thrives.

5. Appreciate the origins of your food with a farm-to-table experience in Vietnam

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Witness first-hand the hardship that goes into cultivating rice on the fields in Vietnam.

Travellers can learn how to plough, rake, carry water into the rice field, sow, pull up the rice seedlings, transplant rice, etc. Never again will you mindlessly scrape that leftover rice off your plate!

Travellers will also spend time in the markets tasting and learning the names of local produce as well as visit small producers to learn about the process of making local specialties.

For more information visit the Transformational Travel Collaborative website

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