Tantalise your taste buds at Cattle Baron

Aromas of mouth-watering dishes lure you into the newly renovated Cattle Baron restaurant in Addo Elephant National Park.

With patrons feasting on a variety of tasty dishes and an atmosphere that’s buzzing with satisfied chatter, you’ll love a trip to this family-friendly restaurant.


Since the reopening of the Cattle Baron restaurant at the main camp last year, business has been booming. The name might have changed, but some popular original dishes are still available on the new menu.

Get all the old favourites plus a breakfast and lunch buffet that’s heaving with hearty fare, right in the middle of this breathtaking national park.

Some customers argue that the prices are bit steep, but you definitely get what you pay for in terms of quality. From the venison hotpot to other tasty meat dishes, you’re bound to find something perfect for your palate.

Try the chicken bacamberry, one of two dishes highly recommended by the restaurant owner, and feast on grilled chicken breasts topped with bacon, Camembert and toasted onions and served with a cranberry coulis – yum!

The other recommended dish is the chateaubriand:  the fillet is flambéed in brandy and served with mushrooms and Cattle Baron’s béarnaise sauce. The menu is somewhat limited for vegetarians, but dessert is always an option!

The restaurant encourages customers to choose the size of their steak, something that sets it apart from most of the eateries outside the park. So, if 200g or 300g isn’t enough, you can always ask for a bulkier size.




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