Dubai’s Grand New Theme Park Is Opening Soon

Dubai Parks and Resorts will be opening it’s doors in October and family vacations may never be the same again.

This dream holiday is split into 4 different theme parks all integrated into one location in the desert of Dubai.

Take a sneak peek at what’s in store for your family:


There’s a Hollywood-themed park called Motiongate which features different sectors filled with creations and rides inspired by Dreamworks Animation, Sony as well as Lionsgate. Plus, your little ones can have fun in a real-sized Smurf Village.

Bollywood Parks

The next section is Bollywood Parks which is the first theme park to ever be based on the sights and sounds of India’s booming movie industry, Bollywood.


Bollywood Parks in Dubai

Legoland and Legoland Water Park

Legoland is a theme park unique in its interactive experiences and rides that encourages learning. Lastly, there’s a water park also built with the famous LEGO bricks which is perfect for children from 2-12 years.

To find out more about Dubai Parks and Resorts or buy an annual VIP pass, click here.

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