Mood-Boosting Nutribullet Smoothie

If you've had a long day and your mood needs a boost, try this banana and pineapple smoothie

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Serves: 1
Preparation Time: 5 minutes


This is the perfect mood-boosting smoothie. Bananas are a good source of tryptophan, an amino acid that our bodies convert to serotonin – our mood-boosting neurotransmitter. A handful of oats and milk or almond milk give a further mood-lifting tryptophan boost.

Adding a handful of greens to provide plenty of B vitamins, especially folate, important for production of neurotransmitters to keep us feeling happy.

A dash of cinnamon helps stabilise blood sugar – important for balancing mood, and the addition of pineapple provides anti-inflammatory bromelain. Reduce the inflammation in your body and you feel better – everything will function better.

Watch this video on how to blend up a good mood in a glass.


  • 50g banana, chopped
  • 100g pineapple chunks
  • 1tbsp oats
  • 1tsp coconut oil
  • ¼tsp cinnamon
  • almond milk or milk, to the line


Put the chopped banana, pineapple chunks, oats, coconut oil and cinnamon into the Nutribullet

Top to the line with almond milk.

Blitz until you reach a smooth consistency.

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