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Our Favourite Roast Recipes

Nothing says weekend like having the family round for a delicious roast. Here are our 4 favourite roast recipes for you to try this weekend.

If you’re looking to move out of your comfort zone and experience more of the culinary world but the family are insisting on roast chicken our Middle Eastern Roast Chicken With sumac , lemon and rosemary is the answer. It’s  new twist on a firm favourite and packs a zesty punch. For something truly indulgent we recommend a slow-roasted lamb shoulder. As the name suggests it takes a long time to cook but it’s well worth the wait and you’ll be free to spend some time catching up with everyone.

Our Roast Pork with apricot and mushroom stuffing is sure to be one of your Sunday best. While it does need time to marinade overnight the end result of a little extra effort won’t go unnoticed, especially when it comes to the bits of crispy crackling. If you thought ribs were only for the braai, think again. Our recipe for roast rib of beef with red wine gravy is truly worth taking a risk and popping those ribs in the oven!

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