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Best-ever cake recipes

These cake recipes will impress, including Mary Berry’s orange layer cake, A dairy-free sticky ginger cake and, our sour-cream cake with lavender .

Whether you prefer something sweet, fruity,, or light, we all have our weakness when it comes to cake. There’s also always a reason to have cake, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, you’re doing a charity bake sale, or you’re expecting guests for a coffee.

Baking a beautiful cake doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. The baking itself should be simple enough, but if you’re looking for something more elaborate and show-stopping, you can take some time on the decorating to make them look the part.

You’ll find some traditional cake recipes in our collection, as well as some less common flavours and ingredients. From show-stoppers to simple loaf cakes, we’ve got them all, so take your pick, depending on the occasion, and make a delicious cake that will impress everyone.

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