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Win A Stunning Engelsrufer Pendant Hamper, Valued At R2 500!

Call your guardian angel with a striking Engelsrufer pendant and let your angel protect and guide you throughout the New Year



For those who believe that angels are watching over us, the ancient tradition of Engelsrufer will help you connect with your angel. The Engelsrufer that you’ll win comprises a delicate silver basket pendant that holds an interchangeable sound ball, which comes in a variety of designs. Each sound ball has a specific meaning. For instance, white signifies innocence and purity, red represents strength and passion and green portrays balance and honesty. The gentle ring of the sound ball calls your angel and the pendant itself will forever be a statement piece.

The prize will consist of an Engelsrufer (basket and sound ball) with a chain. The colour of the sound ball will be the choice of Engelsrufer. The Engelsrufer is available in three sizes and three colours- silver or gold-or-rose plated. For more information, see

This competition closes on the 10th February. To enter. fill in the form below:

Engelsrufer Jan 2016

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