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June Ed’s Letter

Hello, it’s that time of year that when we all need a good dose of love, warmth and extra cheer. Winter days and long, cold nights call for dollops of comfort, in any form… a rich, delicious stew, long soaks in the bath, or evenings curled up on the couch indulging in our favourite series –
do make sure you see our behind-the-scenes chat with the female
crew on Game of Thrones! (p70).

EdpicJune15I’m a fan of serving up bowls of hot, steaming goodness to banish winter blues, and I can’t wait to try out our comfort-food and tempting pudding ideas on page 136. Apple and salted-caramel pie? Make that two helpings, please!

Hair is what so many of you tell us is the beauty concern you fret about daily. It’s the one thing that can make you feel years younger or, if you’re hating your cut and colour, can feel distressingly ageing. Our hair bonus has brilliant advice, revealing the No.1 cut for hair now, the hottest colour to try out (nicknamed the new blonde!), and the experts’ secrets to glossy condition. Turn to page 93 for our edit of the insider tricks and products to getting great hair, every day.

As tempting as staying in our own personal comfort zones may be, making life richer is often about adding new experiences to your repertoire. Life coaches advise trying different things, even something as seemingly insignificant as driving a new route to work, to stop that feeling of life mundanely passing by. On page 38, actress Fiona Ramsay tells us how her curiosity is always propelling her to new experiences – most recently, taking up adult ballet classes and finishing a master’s degree in dramatic art!

Another celebrity who embodies being a woman of her own choosing, and living life on her terms is our cover star, the beautiful Charlize Theron. She says, on page 18, “I want to live the way I want to, and not think, 50 years from now, ‘Why didn’t I live my life when I had the chance?’” I totally agree, and hope that as you read w&h this month, you find the joy and comfort of our friendship, and the inspiration to try anything you dream of.

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