Viv Von Memerty’s simple treats

Performer Viv Von Memerty, 50, shares the three simple things that help her feel renewed

Viv Von Memerty cr Cherie Theron

  1. Being in water. Whether it’s a hot bath with a drop of lavender oil, surrounded by candles; or our gorgeous swimming pool, being near to or in water revives me.
  1. Walking. I’ll drop my daughter, Kas, at school, then go straight down to the beach to take a walk along the beach front. Ours is gorgeous, and there are always other people running, walking, or cycling there, and so many little restaurants to stop off for a cup of coffee.
  1. A good movie. I loved going to the Cinema Nouveau when we lived in Joburg, but there isn’t one in Port Elizabeth where we live now, so I really miss art-house films. Whenever I’m in Cape Town, I’ll skip off their Cinema Nouveau, for sure! I was there recently, and took myself to lunch in Hout Bay, then went to the V&A Waterfront to see a movie ANDEJOY some popcorn. At home, we’ll occasionally hire a movie, and plan around it, so it’s a bit of a special occasion.

Viv is performing in Fantastic 50 with her husband, Ian Von Memerty, at Port Elizabeth’s Savoy Theatre from 21 to 25 October, and Durban’s Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from 11 to 22 November.

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