Top 10 comedy films

There’s nothing better than getting the girls together for some vino and a few giggles. Here’s our pick of the most hilarious films that’ll have you and the gang in stitches.


  1. Bridesmaids
    From director Paul Feig comes the hilarious story of a competing bridesmaid and maid of honour. Both claim to be the bride’s best friend and, as their battle escalates, it threatens to upend the life of the bride-to-be, who happens to be an out-of-work pastry chef. The premise may sound ridiculous, but it’s extremely funny.
  2. Noises Off
    This classic comedy will have tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks! Centred on theatre-director Lloyd Fellowes (Michael Caine), and his task of preparing his company for their production tour, the film is littered with misunderstandings, mishaps, and missing sardines. Also stars Nicollette Sheridan, and the late Christopher Reeve.
  3. Meet the Parents
    Male nurse Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) wants to propose to his girlfriend, but is nervous to meet her parents first. His anxiety triples when he’s introduced to her highly suspicious father (Robert De Niro), and everything goes wrong for the groom-to-be. Although this is almost a slapstick comedy, it’s one of our favourite laugh-out-loud flicks. Stiller and De Niro are both excellent.
  4. Johnny English Reborn
    Despite the fact that it sounds like something your kids would watch, we absolutely loved this spoof on British special agents. We went to the cinema and belly laughed for the full 100 minutes as Rowan Atkinson, starring in the title role, plays a hapless secret agent who goes up against international assassins who are hunting down the Chinese premier. Also stars Rosamund Pike and Dominic West.
  5. The Out-of-Towners
    Our favourite funny man Steve Martin, and quirky bombshell Goldie Hawn star as Henry and Nancy Clark in this comic series of unfortunate events. When the couple make their way to New York for Henry’s job interview, anything and everything goes horribly awry – from missing luggage to an accidental drugging. It’s a laugh-a-minute with this hilarious remake of the classic 1970s film.
  6. The Full Monty
    We couldn’t list our top 10 comedies without including this all-time classic that delivers loads of laughter as well as moving emotional moments. Despite their unlikely backgrounds, bodies and ages, six unemployed steelworkers form a male striptease act in an attempt to raise cash. With good-natured humour, women encourage them to go for “the full monty”, but will they be laughing in the end?
  7. Educating Rita
    We couldn’t imagine a better duo than Julie Walters and Michael Caine – especially with them both in sparkling form. We adore this movie about a young wife who decides to finish her education, and receives tuition from a whisky-soaked professor. It’s amusing, thought-provoking and inspiring.
  8. The Big Wedding
    Hollywood heavyweights Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro are at their quick-witted best in their roles as divorced couple Ellie and Don, who are forced to put their differences aside when their adopted son Alejandro prepares for his wedding. The film takes several twists and turns as secrets about the unconventional family are revealed – and poor Don gets a number of unwelcome slaps!
  9. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    One of Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic performances, this feel-good film had to make our list. Lounge singers Lorelei Lee (Monroe) and Dorothy Shaw (Jane Russell) take a cruise to Paris in the hopes of expanding their careers. Along the journey, they meet several gentlemen admirers, and get mixed up in the mystery of a missing tiara. Musical highlights include Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend and Two Little Girls from Littlerock.
  10. Caddyshack
    Sporting shenanigans abound in this 1980s hit starring Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield. Complications arise at the exclusive Bushwood Country Club when an obnoxious new member arrives, and the head greenkeeper struggles with a destructive gopher. This is old-school slapstick at its best


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