Louise Saint-Claire ‘s health tips

Looking and feeling healthy is easier than you think. Actress Louise Saint-Claire, 55, shares her hints and tips for doing just that

Louise Saint-Claire cr Irma Bosch


Core muscle strength

I work on my core throughout the day by keeping my tummy muscles and rib cage pulled in when I breathe. It helps greatly with my posture, and I’ve found that I can look 4kg lighter if I’m standing correctly!


By focusing on pulling in my tummy, I also pay more attention to my breathing, and when I breathe deeply, I think more clearly.

Avoiding sugar, and eating less

If I want a delicious sweet treat, I’ll mix some xylitol in with ricotta cheese. A rule, I tend to drink water before a meal to get that full feeling, and dish up on a smaller plate so I don’t eat too much. I also enjoy a cup of herbal tea.

Natural home remedies

I’ve discovered a few amazing ones, like adding a drop of peppermint oil to my lip gloss for extra plump, using avocado skin as an exfoliator and the over ripe flesh as a moisturiser, and crushing strawberries and bicarb together to use as a teeth whitener.

Smiling and laughing

They’re essential for that automatic feel-good factor.

Nontraditional solutions

Antihistamine cream works wonders on red cheeks, and eye drops on pimples. A staple in my medicine cabinet is tea tree oil, which is amazing for mozzie bites and pimples, or gargled for a sore throat.

Listen to Louise in the radio soapie Radio Vuka, weekdays at 3.45pm on SAfm, 104-107fm.

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