Tips And Products For Beautiful Feet

Now’s the time to pull out those pretty sandals and reveal those beautiful feet.

However, we might not all have looked after out feet during the dry winter months.

With a little know-how and some fabulous products, it’s easy to give yourself a pampering at-home pedicure.

Pampered Feet: Beauty

The gentle nail polish remover

When you remove old nail polish, opt for an acetone-free remover, as it isn’t as drying on nails and won’t leave them with a yellow stain. Try essence Quick and Easy Nail Polish Remover Pads, R20 for 250ml, available from Dis Chem.

The skincare scrub

Freeman Lemon & Sage Foot Scrub, R83, leaves skin baby soft and buffed to perfection. It’s ideal for softening hard heels and calluses. For super-dry skin, apply the moisturiser, then pop on socks before bed. Available at Dis Chem

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The callus remover

Just about the most addictive beauty tool ever, Scholl Electronic Foot File, R200, works seamlessly to remove hard, callused skin on the balls of the feet and toes. It also works wonders to smooth out dry, cracked heels. Available at Dis Chem

A foot file to add shape

Essence Studio Nails Banana File, R30, gives you greater control of the length and shape of your nails thanks to the unique curved shape. Plus, it gives a perfect, professional finish. Available from Clicks

A pop of colour

Bright red looks great on toenails. “Add a line of gold or silver along the tips to add a bit of glamour to a red nail,” says nail pro, Jenni Draper, “or even a nail jewel at the base of one or all of the nails. Or simply add a coat of glitter in the same colour as your polish.” We love Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel in Roulette Rush, R129, available at Red Square.

Top coat

Essie Good To Go Top Coat, R140, is simply amazing. It dries quickly and keeps polish perfect for days. Reapply every other day to keep toenails looking flawless in those peep toes. Available at Clicks

The nourishing mask

Who said masks are just for the face? Skin Logic Foot Rescue Mask, R49, contains a soothing blend of plant extracts that include avocado, tea tree and eucalyptus to revive tired feet and replenish lost moisture. Put your feet up and relax for 20 minutes while the mask does its magic. Available at Clicks

Cuticle and foot conditioner

Yorba Organics Softening Foot and Heel Balm, R70, is great for keeping cuticles and heels soft and moisturised. A tiny amount of this balm massaged in daily will help maintain the overall health of your feet, thanks to a host of antioxidants and Mafura extract – which has incredible healing properties. Available online at Faithful-To-Nature.

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