VIDEO: Quick Tips For Salon Styling

Love the glossy, beautifully styled look your hair has when you step out of a salon? Try our 7 quick tips for salon styling.


Serum savvy

If you’re applying a styling serum before using a hair straightener, distribute the serum evenly. Work a small amount between your fingers and “comb” evenly through damp hair before smoothing with hot irons. Remember, less is more!

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Blow-dry basics

For a soft, sexy blow-dry look, spritz volumising spray liberally onto slightly damp hair, set your dryer on medium and tip your head upside down. Ruffle fingers through hair for a just-out-of bed look.

Or, try this blow-dry technique for shiny, frizz-free locks with a smoother finish:

Miss the mousse

If your hair is prone to being dry, skip the mousse. Mousse makes hair dry quicker, and too many coats will give your hair that “crisp” effect.

Volume rules

Volumisers coat hair, making it “swell” and appear thicker. They tend to dry quickly, making styling difficult. The trick is to spritz each section as you dry it and not to do it all at once.

Shine on

Use shine serum sparingly so that hair doesn’t look lank, use only a few drops and distribute evenly over your fingertips! Then stroke fingers gently through hair, especially the ends.

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Perfect curls

Like curly hair that’s super soft, not crisp and dry? Then work a curling cream through damp hair, tip your head forwards and blow-dry on medium speed/heat for a minute or so, gently squeezing hair from root to tip. Flip your head back and repeat. Stop when 70% dry. Now leave hair to air dry

Textured tresses

If your hair has kinks in, give it a modern finish with texture. After blow-drying, smooth a touch of wax between fingers, tip your head to one side, then with one hand on top and the other underneath your hair, rake your fingers through your style. Flip your head over and repeat.

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