Perfume Trends For Winter 2017

Winter is a sensory overload when it comes to taste and smell. The colder months are dominated by the scent of open wood fires, rustic roasts and warm soups.

Plus, you’ll find cinnamon and spice in anything and everything like candles, drinks and food.

When it comes to fragrance and the scents we wear on our bodies, many of these warm and winter-evoking scents are included. So what can we expect from new perfumes this winter?

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Claire Bowen from deodorant brand Shower to Shower outlines perfume trends for winter 2017:

Warm and comfort-inspired gourmand influences

In the winter months, women specifically opt for warm and soft fragrances and this leads to a rise in popularity in the gourmand fragrances. Honey is a particularly popular influencer, but fragrances boasting scents of chocolate and vanilla will be on trend this season.

Winter berries adding a fruity scent

Although women are accepting more androgynous fragrances, we’ll see berries lending a feminine, floral and fruity scent to new fragrances this winter. These fresh scents pair well with citrus and rose essences.

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Amber takes centre stage

Just like Oud took the market by storm in 2016, the star of the show in 2017 is Amber. Again. Amber is a ‘crowd pleaser’ ingredient that makes an appearance every few years.

It has qualities similar to that of honey but its scent is softened by earthy musk influences. Bowen says that the Shower to Shower Musk deodorant variant is the ideal accompaniment to an Amber based scent.

“Fragrance layering is as key as layering your clothes in winter – and musk and amber complement each other perfectly.”

Unisex fragrances on the rise

Women and men are sharing their scents this season. Unisex fragrances that appeal to both genders are taking the market by storm and brands are capitalising on this.

“Winter in South Africa brings with it a change in mood and change in fashion – and the fragrance landscape changes alongside it,” says Bowen.

“When it comes to the Shower to Shower range – we take the seasonal trends into account when developing our products but aim for multi-season scents that keep you fresh and smelling good no matter the weather.”

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