How To Get Shiny Hair

Whatever your hair type or texture, we’ve put together the best advice to show you how to get shiny hair, because let’s face it, we all want healthy-looking hair that’s soft and bouncy.

how to get shiny hair

Plus, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best products to show you how to get shiny hair day in and day out.

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Follow these tips and tricks on how to get shiny hair, starting now…

Treat dry hair

Dry If you’re a compulsive hair washer, try to wash your hair less often as the chemicals in the water and some shampoos can strip the hair of its natural oils. Dry hair can also become frizzy and get tangled, making smooth styling impossible.

Creamy stylers and leave-in conditioners can help to calm things down and nourish your hair, especially after each wash.

Choose a lightweight leave-in-conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down and look for products with natural oils such as macadamia oil or Argan oil to eliminate frizz and keep hair looking shiny.

TOP TIP: To calm frizz and static, condition before you shampoo, condition after and use cream stylers to hold. Moisture-rich hair is less inclined to frizz.

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Super shine

Rinse out dullness! Celebrity trichologist Philip Kingsley is big on using lots of water. “Rinsing should be done for longer than you think necessary. Even when you think you’ve rinsed enough, do it again. Dull hair is usually down to insufficient rinsing.”

Nourish it 

Perk up over-styled, over-processed hair with a colour protect hair mask to prevent dullness. First, though, make sure your hair is totally free of build-up before you treat it. You wouldn’t apply make-up on top of make-up, so don’t keep piling product on top of product in the hope it will make it better.

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Banish frizz

Get a fast salon-smooth look for frizzy hair by working a golf ball blob of mousse through damp hair. Hold a big, round bristle brush on top of your hair, then pull hair taught, following the brush with the blow-dryer on max heat. A round brush will make ends flip out.

If you want ends under, hold the brush under ends, give it a twirl as you dry and voila – super-smooth. Finish with a blast of shine spray.

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Smooth it out

If you’re having problems smoothing our hair successfully, try skipping the serum or wax after you’ve styled. Instead, work a small amount of serum through hair when it’s wet, then dry. It works 10 times better at smoothing hair and doesn’t leave hair feeling heavy.

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Watch this video for quick tips to salon styling 

Control Fine Hair

Control static by spritzing hairspray onto a bristle paddle brush and brush it through. You can also try rubbing a tumble-dryer sheet over your hair! Try a lightweight hairspray that works through the hair easily and gives you a natural-looking finish.

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