You can wear white in winter

One of this season’s biggest trends is winter white and its busting fashion myths in every direction.

The best thing about on-trend winter white is that it’s actually off-white so it’s more flattering on your skin and easier to layer up with different tones.


Here are our top tips for wearing white in winter:

  1. Wear strong separate shapes, and pep up your understated outfit with bold accessories to really nail the luxe look.
  2. Look slimmer in winter white by opting for simple, streamlined shapes. Cropped culottes are the hottest trouser shape right now.
  3. Add a monochrome dimension to your outfit by adding a pair of dark sunglasses. They’ll be perfect for when you’re soaking up that warm winter sun.
  4. You can also cheat the monochrome look by toning down the intensity of white on white and adding a darker pair of boots or a hat.
  5. Use contrasting colours to your advantage by pairing a white winter coat with a pop of colour. If you’re not bold enough to go for a bright colour, pair your coat with colours like black, grey, camel and chocolate brown. Finish the look with a bold lip.
  6. Change up any outfit by adding a scarf to your look. Go for knitted and chunky textures that will be both warm and fashionable.
  7. A white outfit is fab for a casual Friday look but you can also glam it up with by simply adding some metallic accents in your accessories, bag or shoes.

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