Get The Look: 3 Celebrity Trends

While it’s easy to get fashion straight from the runway when you’re in the front row, celebrity trends don’t always follow what’s fashionable.

Here some of our favourite celebs, Victoria Beckham, Pearl Thusi and Reese Witherspoon, prove it’s still possible (and just as easy) to look chic with classic rather than on-trend pieces.

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Victoria Beckham

Wide-legged pants are making a comeback from the 70’s and fashionista Victoria Beckham is already giving them a twist with a bold colour. Try this trend to update your office style.

Pearl Thusi

A photo posted by Pearl Thusi (@pearlthusi) on

Ripped jeans are a trend anyone can wear, and it’s not just for teens. Take notes from actress Pearl Thusi to make them more chic, by pairing them with classy court heels and a shimmery cami. This is a perfect look for a movie date.


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Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon takes a denim shirt from casual to smart, by pairing it with a bright skirt. Rock this fun combo for your next brunch date with your friends and family.

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