The ultimate guide to buying the perfect bra

Shopping for the perfect bra can be daunting for all women – finding something that is comfortable, supportive and the right style is never easy… but it doesn’t have to be such an ordeal. Follow our easy steps….


  • Firstly, don’t forget to start with the basics. The best advice we can give to anyone looking for the perfect bra is to get fitted.
  • Lingerie stores and departments across the country have fabulous bra fit advisers who can spend time making you feel at ease.
  • You’ll be able to relax while they search for the right style and fit for you, and an expert eye will be able to spot any small problems that could result in an uncomfortable and ill-fitting bra.
  • If you’re nervous about revealing so much to a stranger, just remember that they’re experts who work with different women every day. And even if it takes a couple of hours out of your day to find the perfect one, remember that you deserve to spend time on making yourself look and feel fabulous.

Choose Your Style

Multi-way Bra

The multi-way is a solution for different necklines. This bra has detachable straps that can transform it into a strapless, a cross back or even a halter neck to accommodate your fab fashion style. Get this type in at least two colours and hide the unwanted bra straps away!

Plunge Bra

For all your low-cut or v-shaped tops and dresses, the plunge bra works wonders. The cups are designed to join low on the supporting strap to ensure that your bra does not show. A plunge can also be used as a push-up, giving you that extra lift for more confidence.

Shelf Bra

This is a quarter cup or a cupless bra. If you want to appear larger this bra can help with a bit of a push and make your breasts seem fuller. If you’re in a bit of a playful flirty mood, put on one under your new summer dress and feel as good as the sun in spring .

T-shirt Bra


Clingy T-shirts will reveal bra lines and a lot more if you’re not wearing the right kind of undergarment. To prevent any mishaps or unwanted stares, get a bra with formed cups that create a smooth line under your T-shirt. You can choose any colour for your darker tees and go nude for your whites or lighter colours.

Show your bra some love

  • Wear your bra twice in between washings. Do not wear the same bra twice in a row, it needs to rest too.
  • A good quality bra can last years. Invest in 5 to 7 different styles with the right fit and you’ll be set for a long time!
  • Breast shape and size will change at least twice in your lifetime: Childbirth or weight gain/loss can cause changes, so make sure you get fitted to remain in the A-game.



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