10 tips for dressing a tall figure

It’s a common belief that tall women shouldn’t wear short skirts, but what could be nicer than bronze legs that go on for miles? Don’t be a fashion victim! Follow these simple steps and you will walk tall.

Long black top R659 available at Zara

Long black top R659 available at Zara

      • Keep clothes fitted. Structured outfits and tailoring will accentuate your best parts.
      • Keep frills and fuss to a minimum and go for big, bold and simple accessories.
      • Stand up straight- a bad posture will ruin all your hard work. Be proud of your model-like height, as fashion was made for you.
      • Wear layers. Different textures can break up a long body.
      • Make sure your jacket is in proportion, with sleeves just below the wrist and fabric falling well on the shoulders and waist.
      • Wrap dresses over pants are brilliant, as you have the height to pull it off.
      • Play down a long torso with wide belts and tucked in tops. Horizontal stripes and bands on hems also help.
      • Opting for an on-trend suit will emphasise your lean look and take you from day to night.
      • A longer top visually shortens legs. Layer with a cashmere cardi to add interest and disguise a skinny frame.

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