Wear The Latest Fashion Trends At Any Age

Fashion fundi and boutique owner Jenny le Roux, 68, has been dressing stylish South African women for 24 years.

fashion-trendsHer boutique, Habits, stocks a ready-to-wear range somewhere between chain store and couture, plus they have a fabulous online store.

Here are her top tips on how to wear the latest fashion trends at any age or stage of life:

Have a trademark look

It’s funny how a trademark look just happens. It’s important to discover yours.  so that you can master the latest fashion trends throughout the year.

“I don’t remember when I decided I had to wear a brighter than bright lipstick with matching nails. I just loved the look and somehow it stayed with me.

“I added red glasses and handbags along the way too. I think it was a rebellion to the 1960s when we all wore white lipstick and black stick-on lashes.”

Always keep a crisp white shirt

This is essential, as it works with almost any look that’s hit the shelves.

“Not only does a white shirt tick all the fashion boxes, it somehow lights up the face. It really is my staple item of clothing that I mix and match with other trends.” The best thing is that it never goes out of fashion and can be updated constantly.

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Wear more black

No matter what the season, wearing black will instantly make you look slimmer. Even when people say yellow – or any other colour – is the new black, black is black and here to stay.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun by adding some colour to an outfit. Just remember, it’s essential to own a perfect pair of fitted, black pants.

Choose a make-up look that works for you

An overly powdered face can make you look old. “I love everything that Bobbi Brown does- the subtle shades are excellent for a polished, “I’m not trying too hard” look.

Plus, choose the right scent. Jo Malone’s signature White Jasmine and Orange Blossom scents are both fresh and young.

Invest in accessories

Jewellery and accessories are just as important as the clothes you wear and should be updated to match the seasons. For instance, dark, rich handbags are perfect for winter, while lighter pastel clutches are more suitable for summer.

“I was about to say, keep it minimal, but then realised I’m never without pearls and an armful of bangles. However, if you want to update your look, don’t ty and mix jewellery to match your clothes. Why have more than one watch? I still have my Rolex from 40 years ago.”

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