Shopaholic: 11 Signs You’re Addicted To Shopping

Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A True Shopaholic

For some shopping is a necessity – a boring task that must be done when supplies are running low. But for others it’s far, far more – it’s the excitement of discovering a lust-worthy new purchase, the heart-racing moment that you take the bags from the cashier and the pure elation when people compliment you on your new buy.

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It’s the buzz you get from a new plastic bag full of exciting goods just can’t be emulated, no matter how hard you try. Forget jumping from planes or running a marathon – all you need to feel an adrenaline rush is to find that perfect dress you thought had sold out in your size.

Some may say that your love of shopping is bordering on worrying, but they would be wrong. You’re totally in control! You can definitely manage your – oh wait, is that the coat you’ve been looking for, ON SALE?!

Shopaholics everywhere, you are not alone…

1. Any free time is spent – well, shopping!

A fun day out to you is a stroll  to that nearby city with the AMAZING department stores.

2. Logging on to any computer also means checking out your favourite stores’ websites

Meaning getting any actual work done takes immense concentration. You are the ultimate queen of procrastination.

3. You have been known to spend multiple hours in a single shop.

And it’s totally acceptable. To you, at least…

4. Husbands/boyfriends/family members simply refuse to entertain the idea of shopping with you now.

And if they do make the mistake, you know to sit them in a cafe and butter them up with cake

5. A new offer you say? Well, we must head to the shops immediately!

No discount or sale escapes you.

6. ANY shopping is good shopping.

Buying gifts for others, updating your work wardrobe – even the weekly grocery shop is a treat!

7. Can’t choose? Just buy it all

Let’s face it, you know all the stores’ returns policies off by heart anyway.

8. Your biggest ambition in life is to own a walk-in wardrobe

So you can finally stop relying on the floordrobe…

9. Your car boot, garden shed and that spare cupboard are essentially hiding places for your new purchases.

Your husband doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING…

10. You’re not you when you’re shopping.

And you should probably apologise to all those people you elbowed and shoved in your haste…

11. But despite those moments when it kind of takes over your life, you know you’ll forever be dedicated to your shopping obsession…

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