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The Importance Of A Father Figure

father figure

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good biological father as a role model, but research shows how important it is to have a father figure present.

father figure

They play an integral role in raising children, both emotionally and physically.

As part of our Fedhealth #FamilyTime series, we look at a few reasons why a father figure plays an important tole in today’s world.

Gone are the days that a father figure’s role was to only teach boys to play with a ball and how to be tough. A man should be seen as an equal to his partner who is involved in all aspects of life, not just the “boy stuff”.

When a father figure is emotionally available to the family, it benefits the children greatly. It not only gives them a sound support structure but it gives them the opportunity to express their emotions more openly; greatly equipping them in dealing with difficult situations later in life.

Men have a different perspective on certain aspects of life. You and your husband, or your own mom and dad (ideally) married each other because they share the same set of values, morals and principles, however this doesn’t mean you always think alike.

Men can often have a very different outlook on different situations. This is greatly beneficial in the role of a father figure as it gives children a totally different standpoint, allowing them to broaden their minds and think in different ways.

Whether a father figure lives with the family or not, his presence is the most important part of his relationship with his kids. If you are co-parenting with the father of your children, it is still important that children see their father as present and available.

It shows determination and devotion, which are incredible traits to teach your children. Lead by action and example.

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