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Learn How To Relax

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Life gets busier and busier as the days go by and we often forget to simply relax.

Our schedules fill up so quickly with family and work commitments. It’s so important to your mental well-being to take some time out to do things for yourself.

Here is some advice on how to unwind, as part of our Fedhealth #FamilyTime series.

Schedule time in your diary to meditate

Put it in your diary and stick to it as you would any other meeting. Step outside for fresh air, even if it’s just for 20 minutes – sit quietly, block out the noise around you and forget about your to-do list for a few minutes. Even at home, go into a separate room and take time out.

Sleep well

Our sleeping habits are lacking in quality REM sleep due to the increased stress of our daily lives. Have camomile tea before bed, shut down your laptop, tablet and phone, clear your mind of all your stress and don’t overthink the things you need to get done the next day. Simply focus on your head on the pillow, close your eyes and fall asleep.

Book a massage

Don’t just talk about it, do it! Book a massage in your lunch break or on a weekend and treat it with the same importance as a meeting. You can even make it a family outing.

Take up a hobby

Whether it’s reading, or an evening art class or a knitting group – take it up and stick to it. Take it seriously, don’t let it just dwindle away. Spending a few hours a week doing something that makes you happy can greatly improve your stress levels. Remember – the happier you are, the happier your family will be.

Take a social media sabbatical

There have been studies which prove that social networks can manipulate moods. The more negative the information shared on news feeds, the worse people’s moods became.

In 2012, Anxiety UK conducted a survey on social media use and its effects on emotions – 53% of participants said social media sites had changed their behaviour, while 51% of these said the change had been negative*.

Negative stories can play on your mind, leading to anxiety and discomfort. Try limiting your time on social media apps on your phone as a start and monitor to see how it affects your mood.


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