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How To Get Fit As A Family

Staying motivated to get fit in winter is always difficult. Staying motivated is even more difficult when half the family is stuck in bed with the flu.

Fedhealth has given us some handy hints on how to keep your family fit this winter, as part of our Fedhealth #FamilyTime series

Gym bunnies

Going to the gym alone can be tedious but going as a family is fun. Introduce a bit of friendly competition, like who can do the most laps in the indoor pool. Or see who can run the longest or fastest. This will keep children going especially if you add a small reward for the winner.

Week day nights

Instead of watching TV for two hours in the evenings, play a game of charades – it may not be a form of exercise but it gets the blood circulating and it beats no movement at all.

Don’t be scared of the ice

Go ice-skating as a family – the kids will love the new adventure, and you will be having so much fun as a family, you won’t even realise that it’s actually exercise.

Take a hike

It might seem like an odd winter activity but a hike is easier when it’s cooler. Dress up in your winter bests and get your blood circulating in the crisp winter air.

Bike it out

Invest in mountain bikes for the whole family, and go out on family bike rides. Make it extra exciting and enticing for the kids and set up a treasure hunt equipped with a map – this will encourage them to keep going even if they start getting bored.

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