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5 Ways To Be A More Confident You

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You don’t need to be the thinnest, prettiest or smartest woman to be confident.


As clichéd as it sounds, confidence starts from within. Your family will also benefit from your new-found confidence.

We all want to be the kind of woman who walks into a room and asserts her confidence straight away. Here are some tips to use as a starting point to gain more confidence, as part of our Fedhealth #FamilyTime series.

1. Learn to be (and love being) alone

We all know this one – love yourself before you can accept love from anyone else. You need to learn how to be on your own and accept your own love. You can’t depend on other people’s opinions to determine your value. It needs to come from within.

2. Avoid negative self-talk

Make a conscious effort to talk to yourself in a positive way. Talk to yourself like you talk to your family. Eventually your brain will start believing what you’re telling it, thus giving you a positive outlook and giving you the confidence you need.

3. Learn to take compliments

This is an easy one that no one really takes seriously. When someone says ‘you look lovely’, say thank you, because chances are that it’s coming from a genuine place. No one is obligated to compliment you, but they did. Don’t throw compliments back, it will just reinforce your negative outlook on yourself.

4. Try not take things personally

It is in a woman’s nature to overthink. One little comment can send you into a spiral of negativity and self-loathing. Learn to brush it off. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take the comment from where it comes, shrug it off and don’t waste your time dwelling on it.

5. Body language

Confidence is not only about what you say and how you say it. It’s also about what your body is saying. When you walk into a room, try not slouch, don’t avoid eye contact and put a smile on your face. When you’re speaking to someone maintain appropriate eye contact, and hold eye contact with that person until they respond. Other people will react to what your body is saying and reply in a positive manner.

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