Walk your way to weight-loss

Exercise guru, Nicki Waterman, shares her 9 steps on how to walk it off like a pro:


1. Be a smooth operator

Bouncing slows you down and puts extra stress on your joints. Keep your body stable when you walk it off.

2. Tighten your butt

Squeezing your butt muscles strengthens your lower back and shapes your rear. Imagine clenching a R200 note between your cheeks!

3. Lean from the ankles

As you speed up, there’s a tendency to slump from your waist – bad for the lower back. Hold your ribs high and contract your abs. You’re doing it right if you feel as if you’re falling forward into each step.

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4. Pay attention to your posture

Don’t look at your feet – it discourages you from contracting your abs and stepping powerfully.

5. Tread lightly

Heavy landing can cause painful shin splints (muscle pain along the shin bones). Think “light” as you step and if you start slapping your feet then slow down your pace.

6. Squeeze your abs

Pull in and up, as if you’re zipping up tight jeans. This gives support for your lower back and improves posture.

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7. Run for the hills

We tend to speed up hills then go slowly down, the opposite of what you should do. Instead, slow down going up. On the way down, elongate your stride, slow your legs and allow gravity to take over.

8. Keep on pushing

Boost intensity by going faster, adding hills to your route or walking a little longer each time. Or walk four instead of three days a week. But don’t do all of this at once; you could get hurt.

9. Take short steps

To walk faster, don’t take longer steps. The best way to speed things up is to take shorter, quicker steps.

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Lynn Cardy

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