Three Tricks For Getting Thinner Thighs

There’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious when wearing your favourite skinny jeans or winter tights.

thinner thighs

The good news is that there are do-able slim-down fixes you can build into your busy schedule – it just takes a little dedication.

1. The cheat for thinner thighs

When you need a lean silhouette right now, shapewear is the answer. Magic Seamless Shapers, R180 from Woolworths, are available in beige, black, mocha, or natural and have Magic technology for a super-slimming, smooth fit.

They have no side seams, so you won’t see them under clothes, are lightweight, and really streamline your thighs (and tum and bum) trimming down any lumps or bumps. They’re easier to put on than some brands and aren’t so restrictive that wearing them is a strain.

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2. The beauty buster for thinner thighs

Brushing your thighs in long sweeps towards your heart stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage to help give you smoother thighs.

We love: the Long Handled Cactus Bath Brush, R200 from Clicks – use the brush every day in the bath or shower with a little dollop of your favourite body wash. Then try Clarin’s Extra-Firming Body Lotion, R665 for 200ml.

A combination of lemon thyme, centella and bocoa extracts helps to improves skin’s elasticity for firmer contours, while shea butter will leave your skin feeling silky and nourished! Apply in the morning and/or evening, massaging the lotion into your thighs and abdomen.


3. Exercise for thinner thighs

thinner thighs 2

Walking, climbing stairs and squats will all help, but the classic exercise is the lunge. Get it right so you don’t put strain on your joints.

Keep your upper body straight, shoulders back and relaxed, and chin up (don’t look down). Tighten your core muscles, then step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about 90 degrees.

Keep your front knee directly above your ankle and make sure that the other knee doesn’t touch the floor. Then, keeping the weight in your heels, push back up to the starting position. Try five each side if you’re a beginner, working up to 20 in a set. Repeat as often as you can; this is an exercise you can do virtually anywhere!

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