Simple Ways To Manage Travel Delays

You’re excited – it’s time for you to go on your well-deserved holiday, but when you get to the airport, your excitement soon turns into frustration as your see your flight has been delayed.

Don’t let delays ruin your getaway, simply follow these tips and tricks…

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When flights are delayed at the airport, it’s frustrating because you’ve planned how things would work out and when it doesn’t, you suffer’, says Simon Parke, author of One Minute Mindfulness (Hay House).

Here’s some mindfulness tactics to erase your travel delay fury:

1. Don’t take out your frustration on the airport staff in an effort to turn your inner pain outwards, or zone out with a book or phone. Neither really deals with your frustration and while you ignore it, it will only fester inside. Rather speak calmly to the airport staff and find out what’s going on. Then you can plan to shop at the airport, take a quick nap, or enjoy a meal.

2. Deal with the issue. Instead of turning away from your anger, face it, acknowledge it and breathe into it.

3. Ask the questions – why am I so angry at this delay? Am I reminded of feelings I’ve had before? Is there anything inside me apart from this feeling? By recognising and accepting your thoughts and feelings – especially negative ones- they have no power over you. They’re just passing thoughts… and they go.

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But what happens if it is an overnight delay? This requires planning ahead of essential items to make your night at an airport that more comfortable.

Expert Donna McSherry gives you her must-haves:

  • A fleece travel blanket to keep you warm in a cold terminal or your designated seat. Try Samsonite Travel Blanket (R399), it even has a foot pocket to keep your feet all snug!
  • A sleep mask to help you fall asleep faster. Your sunglasses might seem like a great idea to block out light but they don’t work as well as a sleep mask that’s softer and more comfortable.
  • A travel pillow is a must! If your fleece blanket comes in a bag, stuff your jersey or an item of clothing inside and use that. Or look smart with a Samsonite Rest Pillow (R199). The bonus is that the horse-shoe shape pillow supports the neck.
  • Head-phones and music. This will help mask airport noises and those talkative co-passengers.

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